AISI 304 stainless steel worktop and front panels. Life-guaranteed nickel-plated cast iron high power burners with single or double crown activated by a valve tap with safety thermocouple and pilot light. Cast iron grills. Trays are completely removable to enable maintenance and cleaning to be carr ied out easily and efficiently. Gas static oven equipped with pilot flame made completely of STAINLESS STEEL with 4 levels for 2/1 GN grids/pans. Oven burner with self-stabilized flame and adjustable thermostat from 160° to 280°. Pressed front door without seal for better insulation and easier cleaning. Pressed door and counter door of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL. High resistance door handle made of AISI 304 steel of 20/10 thickness. Adjustable feet. Standard: piezoelectric ignition of the oven. 1 anti-tilting oven grid.

.Model: G7F4+FG
.Under oven 2/1 GAS
.Gas power: 31,5 Kw
.Dimensions: 80L x 70D x 90H cm
.Made in Italy (Bertos Brand)

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