Worktop and front panels made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Inside made of stainless steel. High performances guaranteed by the heating system that externally wraps around the entire tank surface. Pilot flame and thermocouple safety valve. Piezoelectric ignition button with rubber protection. Pressed tank with large rounded edges completely made in AISI 316 stainless steel. Water circulation guaranteed by a drilled bottom that keeps the baskets 10 cm from the bottom. Large diameter overflow to eliminate the excess starch during cooking. Draining and disassembleable board at the same height of the top. The tap on the board allows one to regulate the water flow through a control on the front panel. Spherical draining tap positioned in the compartment controlled by an athermic handle.

.Model: G9CP40
.GAS PASTA COOKERS with baskets
.Under cabinet
.Capacity: 40 litter
.Gas power: 12 Kw
.Dimensions: 40L x 90D x 90H cm
.Weight: 54 Kg
.Made in Italy (Bertos Brand)

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