2 Deck Electric Oven for Baking and Pizza – TR-D 66L

Unleash your culinary creatives and prepare the most delicious bakeries and pizza with our 2 deck electric oven “TR-D 66L”. Invest in this kitchen appliance, and elevate your plates quality, and customers satisfaction.

2 Deck Electric Oven for Baking and Pizza – TR-D 66L Specifications:

It is an electric multifunctional modular oven which is ideal for pizza in pan, pastry and small bakery. This oven room boasts the following characteristics:

  • Model: TR-D 66L.
  • Double deck oven; 2 kitchen rooms.
  • Firestone cooking.
  • The body is made of stainless steel.
  • Capacity: 12 pizzas Ø 36 cm.
  • Power: 20.4 kw.
  • Volt: 400 v.
  • Temperature: 50 – 450 C°.
  • Internal dimensions: 124 L x 84 D x 18 (x 2) H cm.
  • External dimensions: 154 L x 98.5 D x 75 H cm.
  • Packing dimensions: 160 L x 120 D x 92 H cm.
  • Weight: 178 kg.
  • Cuttings 60 x 40 cm: 4 + 4.
  • Brand: Resto Italia;made in Italy.
  • This electric oven includes:
    1. Humidity control valve.
    2. Interior lighting.
    3. Sky and stall heat management with percentage for greater accuracy and energy savings.
    4. Power Boost function.
    5. Cooking timer.
    6. Double layer of “Ecoblanc” insulation which ensures zero leakage, during maintenance.
    7. Standard refractory top replaceable with embossed plate top s(u request).
    8. Steamer (available for TR single room only).

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