Coffee Grinder Machine – M 12 On Demand

The Magister “M 12 On Demand” is a high-quality, professional-grade coffee grinder machine that is designed to deliver exceptional performance and consistency. It features a durable construction and precise engineering, making it a reliable choice for coffee enthusiasts and baristas alike. It is built to withstand heavy-duty use in commercial settings, yet it’s equally suitable for home use. Experience the joy of freshly ground coffee with the M 12 On Demand, where precision and quality meet in every cup.

M 12 On Demand Specifications:

This commercial coffee grinder, which is suitable also for home, has the following feature:

  • Model: M 12 On Demand.
  • Fully automatic doser grinder.
  • Electric power: 380 W.
  • Digital control coffee grinder.
  • Easy to adjust blades for grind change.
  • Brand: Magister; the Italian brand.

If you are looking for an ATR grinder machine, kindly see M 12 ATR

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