Spiral vs Planetary Dough Mixer: Kneading The Facts!

Spiral vs Planetary Dough Mixer: Kneading The Facts!

When considering dough mixers for home and commercial use, two popular options come into your mind; spiral vs planetary dough mixer. Both of these dough mixers are workhorses in the kitchen, and have their own advantages and are suitable for different purposes. Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide which one is right for you:

1. For Commercial Uses (Pizzerias, Bakeries, etc.)

In industrial environment, you should think of a kitchen tools and bakery equipment which could handle with large capacity of raw materials, produce huge quantities of products, and are efficient, quick, and easy to use as possible. 

Whilst spiral mixers are efficient for high-volume dough production, excellent for heavy doughs and consistent gluten development, faster, they are less versatile, more expensive, and require large footprint.

On the other hand, planetary mixers are more versatile, good for smaller cafes or bakeries with varied mixing needs, and are cost-effective for smaller volumes. However, they have limited capacity for large-scale dough production, and are not ideal for heavy doughs in high volumes.

2. For Home Use

On the contrary to commercial and professional uses, for home, you need a smaller dough mixer, more affordable, and more easy to use.

In this context, planetary mixers are versatile (can mix dough, batters, creams, etc.), more affordable, require smaller footprint, suitable for smaller batches (up to 5-10 lbs). Furthermore, they are good for occasional bread baking, pasta making, or whipping cream. However, planetary mixers are not ideal for heavy doughs (large pizza doughs, sourdough), limited capacity for larger batches.

Whereas, spiral mixers are excellent for heavy doughs and larger batches (up to 20-30 lbs), faster mixing, and superior gluten development for bread, they are less versatile, larger and more expensive than planetary mixers, may be overkill for occasional home baking.

Additional Factors to Consider

  • Frequency of use: If you bake frequently, a spiral mixer might be worthwhile for even home use.
  • Budget: Planetary mixers are generally more affordable, especially for home use.
  • Counter space: Spiral mixers are larger and require more counter space.
  • Desired dough types: Consider the specific types of dough you plan to make most often.

Ultimately, the choice between a planetary and spiral dough mixer will depend on the specific needs of the user. For home bakers who want a versatile tool for various mixing tasks, a planetary mixer may be more suitable. For commercial bakers who primarily work with large quantities of dough, a spiral mixer may be the better option

Still Confused which type to choose for your home, bakery, pizzeria, or restaurant? Let us make a conversation to help you make the best choice between spiral vs planetary dough mixer machines
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